Pricing Notification for September 2016

Dear Valued ACE Pet Resort Guest and Family:

We will be updating our pricing structure beginning on September 1, 2016.  The prices currently listed on the website reflect the change as if it were already in effect. They are a relatively small change in overnight boarding charges as well as daycare for dogs. We are confident that you will find that this new pricing model is still competitive for the Sarasota area. The cost of all other services will remain the same. Cat boarding prices will not change.

We always aim to pass the minimum amount of cost onto our clients whenever possible, but we refuse to do so at the expense of the quality of care or popular programs such as our Health Warranty and Platinum Paws Rewards. Our boarding suites are among the largest with the greatest number of qualified team members per boarding guest in this and surrounding counties.

We have come to the conclusion that we can only continue to offer the award-winning care and impeccable environment that you have all come to expect (and that your pet deserves) by making these adjustments to our boarding rates.

We thank you for trusting ACE Pet Resort for the care of your dearest companion. We are grateful to have so many wonderful animals brought into our lives with whom we may share our love, dedication, and passion. We hope that we can continue to innovate, improve, and expand with your family by our side.

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